Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Got Case Study? 10 Ways to Leverage It

Case studies take time and resources to put together - why not leverage that investment for all it's worth. Here are 10 ways to leverage it:

First - as is (printed):

1. As a leave-behind on prospecting calls
2. As a show piece in your lobby area
3. As free download on your web site
4. As an extra in a direct mail package
5. As part of a follow up to a prospect inquiry.

And, with a little bit of tweaking:

1. As a web page - An expanded version as a content page on your web site, with links to other content-rich pages (a related white pager, for example)
2. As a web page - as a destination for links from your client list and/or testimonial pages
3. A shortened version as an article in your newsletter
4. Rewritten, as a press release to a trade publication
5. Re-framed, as a give-away piece for the satisfied client

I'm sure there are many more ways to leverage the case study investment - please leave a comment with your ideas!

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Tammy Nystuen, Nystuen Communications said...

As a fellow freelancer, I find that companies are often reluctant to pursue case studies because they take so much time and effort to write. This post does a nice job reminding all of us about the power of the case study -- and how they can be expertly repurposed to meet a wide variety of marketing needs. Way to go!